Why Did We Hold our Breath?

It’s been a week or so, but I’m still thinking about Nik Wallenda’s stunning feat. Talk about a thriller where your heart leaps into your throat, your blood pressure shoots through the roof, and you can’t sit still for more than a second! How can anyone walk a tightrope across the Chicago River without a … Read more

Spring Steal of a Deal

Georgia Davis Boxed Set Thrillers

Hi, all. Just wanted to let you know that The Georgia Davis Boxed Set, which includes my 3 thrillers EASY INNOCENCE, DOUBLEBACK, and TOXICITY is just $2.99 all week until April 6. For all three. A steep discount from the normal $9.99 price. So please, take advantage!! You can find them here.

Sample Some Excellent Thrillers…

Mysteries, Thrills and Spills

Mysteries, Thrills and SpillsLooking for some great reads? Look no further. Some of my author pals and I have put together a Sampler of our favorite thrillers. And it’s absolutely free. And it’s available both as a Mobi file and an E-pub. (Right-click or control-click on those links to download the file to your hard drive.) Included are:

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