10 ways to ‘Read’ More Books with Audio

10 ways to ‘Read’ More Books with Audio

Audiobook sales are booming. Goodereader says that the global audiobook industry is currently worth 2.8 billion dollars and that approximately 3.88 million audiobooks were downloaded in 2015 compared to 2.47 million ebooks. Indeed, audiobooks are the fastest-growing distribution method in publishing today. I won’t go into all the reasons–you probably already know them–but I will … Read more

The Doubleback Backstory

As some of you know, my 6th novel, Doubleback is on sale this week at Amazon for 99¢/.99£. I thought you might like to hear some of the backstory — why and how this book came to be. It was published in 2009, but I’d been thinking about it for a while. Especially the first … Read more

Need Your Input…

  Hi, everyone. I’m happy spring is trying to settle in Chicago. On the left is  Oak Street beach. It doesn’t quite look like this yet, but I’m counting on it soon. And hoping we’ve seen the last of the tornadoes.           I have some fun things for you: not one, … Read more

PI Georgia Davis Gets A Make-Over

She would cringe to hear me say that, but it’s true: the Georgia Davis books now have new covers. I don’t know about you, but the process of designing a book cover and then seeing the reality is one of the most satisfying parts of indie publishing. And just in time for the holidays, too. … Read more

Spring Steal of a Deal

Georgia Davis Boxed Set Thrillers

Hi, all. Just wanted to let you know that The Georgia Davis Boxed Set, which includes my 3 thrillers EASY INNOCENCE, DOUBLEBACK, and TOXICITY is just $2.99 all week until April 6. For all three. A steep discount from the normal $9.99 price. So please, take advantage!! You can find them here.


We interrupt the photo journal of Cuba to bring you the great news that DOUBLEBACK, my Georgia Davis thriller that’s set both in Chicago and the Arizona border, is now on AUDIO. Katherine Joan Taylor is the narrator, and she did a fabulous job!! You can get it here and here, and soon, on Overdrive … Read more