Love In A “Politically Unstable Climate”

This is a revision of a blog I initially wrote 5 years ago, but it might have been written 5 days ago. Scary. Happy Valentine’s Day. Few of us live in total isolation. Most of us love somebody, whether it’s a mother, father, children, relatives, even a pet. And when you write female characters as … Read more

Thank You For Your Support

Hi, all.  I wanted to report back to you on the sale of the Georgia Davis Boxed Set of Four and the winner of our raffle. First, me. I  wanted to make the USA Today Bestseller List but didn’t quite get there. Still, with your help we sold well over 4,000 copies, which is the … Read more

Two Special Valentine’s Day Events

  OK… here’s the thing. I am not a Valentine’s Day person. Never have been. Think it’s a Hallmark holiday designed to fleece—er—line the pockets of florists, candy companies and jewelers. (Thanks to artist Dan Cooney and author Noel Hynd for use of the image)         But Valentine’s Day Specials focused on books? Well … Read more