Sample Some Excellent Thrillers…

Mysteries, Thrills and Spills

Mysteries, Thrills and SpillsLooking for some great reads? Look no further. Some of my author pals and I have put together a Sampler of our favorite thrillers. And it’s absolutely free. And it’s available both as a Mobi file and an E-pub. (Right-click or control-click on those links to download the file to your hard drive.) Included are:

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Murder Most Deadly?

When I began writing crime fiction, I remember lots of chatter about the perfect murder weapon. The undetected murder. The exotic substance that couldn’t be identified. I heard about poisons like oleander, foxglove, arsenic, and — moving up the hazardous bio-chemical chain — cyanide, sarin, and anthrax. Indeed, I flirted with ricin in one of … Read more

Anatomy of Crime Fiction: Building Suspense

  Last year I started a series of one-day workshops devoted to the craft of crime fiction. They’re broken up into various segments, but I wanted to summarize one of the most popular: Building Suspense . Btw, this isn’t limited to crime fiction as you’ll see. But it is a rather long post, so curl … Read more

You Say You Want A Revolution…

Although A Bitter Veil has been out for several months, I realized I’ve never discussed it here. Especially in terms of how it meshes with what I think are important elements of the craft of writing. So if you’re interested, read on. As crime writers we learn early that “conflict” is the most essential ingredient … Read more