Putting things in perspective – Barack and Che

Late Night talk show host Seth Meyers nailed it with his take on the politics behind this week’s photo or gaffe, if you will, of Obama in front of a giant outline of Che Guevara in Havana. Who knew Obama was such a huge fan of Urban Outfitters? It could have been a whole lot worse. … Read more

Is It OK To Mix Fictional And Non-fictional Characters?

Purists probably disagree. But I think it’s OK to bring a mix of fictional and ‘real’ characters into a story. TV has been doing it for a while with docu-dramas that blend real footage and eyewitness accounts with dramatized content played by actors. It has proven to be a popular format, and it works equally well for … Read more

La Habana Perdida

I’m very excited to announce that the Spanish translation of Havana Lost will be released May 1. In honor of the release, I’m giving away 2 print copies via Goodreads. You’ll find everything you need to know below. I hope you’ll enter! Goodreads Book Giveaway La Habana Perdida by Libby Fischer Hellmann Giveaway ends May … Read more

“The Cuba Files: Che Guevara”

ChefishingAs I’ve been out and about talking about Havana Lost, it’s struck me how little people really know about Cuba. As a result, I thought it might be a good idea to write a few blog posts about the island. I’m not an expert, but I have read a lot about Cuba’s history, culture, and I spent ten days there. If you haven’t read Havana Lost yet, perhaps these posts will give you some background that will make the book more enjoyable. So, welcome to “The Cuba Files.”

A short history of Che Guevara

For the first “Cuba File,” I’m taking a quick look at Ernesto Che Guevara, the man who personifies Cuba for many people, and a true legend, especially for the Radical Left during the late Sixties.

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