Jury Duty in Chicago — A follow-up

My daughter has been called for jury duty next week, and yesterday sent out a message to my newsletter recipients with a link to my original blogpost about the My Day at the Daley Center back in June. Turns out several people have their own stories about serving on a jury in Cook County, so I thought it would be fun for … Read more

An Apology to the Northfield Police

My most recent blogpost was about the shooting in Northfield at rapper Chief Keef’s house. And while we still don’t know a lot of details about the incident, I made some comments about the Northfield police that were—well— kind of smart-ass. And inaccurate. And because I really admire and like Bill Lustig, Northfield’s current Police … Read more

Happ Road and Chief Keef: The Accident Waiting to Happen

For the 28 years I’ve lived in Northfield on the North Shore of Chicago, it’s been a quiet place. The village doesn’t have the cachet of Winnetka, the opulence of Lake Forest, or the population density of Evanston and Skokie (although most would say that’s a good thing). With the Forest Preserve on one side, … Read more

It’s Steve Sanders’ Fault; Les Edgerton’s too

I was at a Christmas party two years ago at which WGN  news anchor Steve Sanders was also a guest. We started to chat, and when he found out I was a crime writer he told me he had a story for me. Those words are like catnip for a kitten — I’m a sucker for a … Read more