It’s My Birthday, So I Got You A Present!

  It’s my birthday next week, so… I got you a present! I’m giving away 4 of my short stories so you can celebrate with a blast of short summer reads… Download through Sunday June 21! Your Sweet Man  “Calvin waited for the man who’d been convicted of killing his mother.” Flight  “Kristin Forge spotted him … Read more

Buy Books Through Facebook – No Amazon Required

Now and again a quiet revolution starts brewing. This is one of those times. Facebook has just made it possible for readers to buy ebooks directly from an author’s fan page without clicking to Amazon or any other retailer. It’s a huge development, and I think it’s going to require a major shift in buyers’ … Read more

Why Short Stories Rock (& A little BSP)

Over the past few years, I’ve written a couple of blogs about short stories and how valuable they are for a writer. One of them, in particular, has been circulated quite a bit. If you haven’t already read it, maybe now’s a good time. Then come back because what I’m going to say will be more … Read more