Capital Partners: A TV Pilot (Available to Option)

Hi, all. Some of you may remember my short story “Capital Partners,” which came out a few years ago. It was published in the WRITES OF SPRING anthology, edited by the late Gary Schultz and Pat Frovarp, who also owned Once Upon A Crime, that wonderful bookstore in Minneapolis. As time went on I couldn’t … Read more

Buy Books Through Facebook – No Amazon Required

Now and again a quiet revolution starts brewing. This is one of those times. Facebook has just made it possible for readers to buy ebooks directly from an author’s fan page without clicking to Amazon or any other retailer. It’s a huge development, and I think it’s going to require a major shift in buyers’ … Read more

Need Your Input…

  Hi, everyone. I’m happy spring is trying to settle in Chicago. On the left is  Oak Street beach. It doesn’t quite look like this yet, but I’m counting on it soon. And hoping we’ve seen the last of the tornadoes.           I have some fun things for you: not one, … Read more