Need Your Input…

  Hi, everyone. I’m happy spring is trying to settle in Chicago. On the left is  Oak Street beach. It doesn’t quite look like this yet, but I’m counting on it soon. And hoping we’ve seen the last of the tornadoes.           I have some fun things for you: not one, … Read more

Six Steps of Self-Publishing (Mostly for Traditional Authors)

I was at Printers Row this past weekend, the annual Book Festival sponsored by the Chicago Tribune, and I was struck by how many people wanted me to tell them about self-publishing. They were mostly traditionally published authors, some of whom have large followings, but they’re dissatisfied with either the pace of traditional publishing, dislike … Read more

Which Cover?

Here are two cover versions for my upcoming thriller HAVANA LOST. On has pure white type; the other has blood on the word “Lost”… Which do you like better? I’ll raffle off a PDF to everyone who weighs in… And thanks. Oh… here’s the jacket copy, if it helps: On the eve of the Cuban … Read more