Publishing in 2016: It Isn’t All Roses For Anyone

There’s a lot of talk about the death of traditional publishers, but things aren’t exactly coming up roses on the indie publishing side either. Authors find themselves between a rock and a hard place, at the mercy of a fast-changing market, none of whose players seem to know which way to turn or which direction … Read more

My China TV Interview– Ferris Bueller was Right

Remember when Ferris Bueller says to the camera “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around for a while, you could miss it?” Well, I just had one of those days. It started Monday evening with an email from a producer who works for CCTV America. What’s that you ask? “CCTV News” … Read more

Writing Lite Tip 25: Look at your writing as a business

Learn the publishing business

This is probably the most valuable tip I can think of. It IS a business, whether you want to be traditionally published or you self-publish. Learn the business. Read the daily emails from Digital Book World, PW, and The Passive Voice to start. Then expand your horizons. Learn how this business works—or doesn’t work—in today’s … Read more

Six Steps of Self-Publishing (Mostly for Traditional Authors)

I was at Printers Row this past weekend, the annual Book Festival sponsored by the Chicago Tribune, and I was struck by how many people wanted me to tell them about self-publishing. They were mostly traditionally published authors, some of whom have large followings, but they’re dissatisfied with either the pace of traditional publishing, dislike … Read more

Traditional vs Self-publishing – Part 3

Traditional vs Self Publishing

Traditional vs Self PublishingHi again, everyone. I thought I was going to finish my update about traditional vs. self-publishing with a candid look at the Pros and Cons of self-publishing. But there’s so much to cover and so much has changed. Again, it’s going to take me more than one post… so get comfortable.

In parts 1 and 2 I talked about how traditional publishing no longer has the benefits it once did, and  we ended up with a chart that looked like this:

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Traditional vs Self-Publishing: An Update (Part Two)

  COMPARISON OF TRADITIONAL VS SELF PUBLISHING TRADITIONAL PUBLISHING Pros Cons Support Distribution Editing Bookstores Awards Reviews Agents Ebook Rights and RoyaltiesReporting and payments Smaller advance/print runs Limited time/shelf space Hinky contracts Possible Bankrupty Accounting irregularities Agents   Hi, again. In part one we tackled the supposed “pros” of support and distribution that I thought … Read more

To E or Not to E: An Update

As most of you know, I’m a crime fiction author, both traditionally  and e-published. About eighteen months ago Joe Konrath asked me to blog about the benefits of traditional publishing. I did. Then, as I started e-publishing more myself, that post developed into a presentation comparing the Pros and Cons of traditional vs. e-publishing. I’ve … Read more