An Interview about High Crimes, Writing, Publishing, and more

Happy New Year, everyone! Let’s hope 2019 brings us less darkness, more light, and trust in our institutions again. And some fun! We need some, don’t we? I was delighted to be interviewed by Rich Ehisen on his Open Mic Blog. It was a wide-ranging conversation, so it’s long, but I think it worked out … Read more

My China TV Interview– Ferris Bueller was Right

Remember when Ferris Bueller says to the camera “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around for a while, you could miss it?” Well, I just had one of those days. It started Monday evening with an email from a producer who works for CCTV America. What’s that you ask? “CCTV News” … Read more

News: Second Sunday Crime and PW

    Hi, all. As some of you know, since January I have hosting an Authors on the Air radio show which I call “Second Sunday Crime.” It’s going  well, and I’m having fun doing it. So I wanted to bring you up to speed on a couple of interviews I just recorded.   The … Read more

Writing Lite Tip 25: Look at your writing as a business

Learn the publishing business

This is probably the most valuable tip I can think of. It IS a business, whether you want to be traditionally published or you self-publish. Learn the business. Read the daily emails from Digital Book World, PW, and The Passive Voice to start. Then expand your horizons. Learn how this business works—or doesn’t work—in today’s … Read more

Six Steps of Self-Publishing (Mostly for Traditional Authors)

I was at Printers Row this past weekend, the annual Book Festival sponsored by the Chicago Tribune, and I was struck by how many people wanted me to tell them about self-publishing. They were mostly traditionally published authors, some of whom have large followings, but they’re dissatisfied with either the pace of traditional publishing, dislike … Read more

Traditional vs Self-publishing – Part 3

Traditional vs Self Publishing

Traditional vs Self PublishingHi again, everyone. I thought I was going to finish my update about traditional vs. self-publishing with a candid look at the Pros and Cons of self-publishing. But there’s so much to cover and so much has changed. Again, it’s going to take me more than one post… so get comfortable.

In parts 1 and 2 I talked about how traditional publishing no longer has the benefits it once did, and  we ended up with a chart that looked like this:

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Traditional vs Self-Publishing: An Update (Part Two)

  COMPARISON OF TRADITIONAL VS SELF PUBLISHING TRADITIONAL PUBLISHING Pros Cons Support Distribution Editing Bookstores Awards Reviews Agents Ebook Rights and RoyaltiesReporting and payments Smaller advance/print runs Limited time/shelf space Hinky contracts Possible Bankrupty Accounting irregularities Agents   Hi, again. In part one we tackled the supposed “pros” of support and distribution that I thought … Read more